World First Controversy… again

You can clearly see here that the player is using his boomkin druid and his mage simultaneously

So as we all know by now Method was the first guild in the world to kill mythic Blackhand in Blizzards latest raid tier. However, there is always controversy of some kind surrounding these kills and this one comes from the fact that two of the players in the raid appeared to of been account sharing. There are many pictures circling the internet showing that these players had two of their characters in the raid simultaneously such as the picture to the right  in which you can clearly see that the player has two characters online at once. This is either account sharing or multiboxing and if this player was able to multibox the world first kill of Blackhand (on different classes, no less!) then he is the greatest player to ever play this game.

Why did the raiders account share?

Top tier raiding involves a lot of trial and error, working out what classes work best for the boss and generally stacking these classes at the expense of others. As a result, high level raiders generally have another well geared alt of a different class that they can swap out to if needed. Clearly, ranged DPS was much preferable on this fight as the only melee were tanks and two rogues. This meant that Method had to swap out their melee and put them onto ranged DPS. Clearly, account sharing was the only way to get everyone onto a well geared ranged DPS character. Method did what they had to do in order to beat the boss first.

Does Blizzard allow account sharing?

Not so long ago, a few famous WoW streamers were banned for account sharing which sent a very clear message to the WoW community that account sharing is not acceptable and would result in a ban on the account. Despite this, Blizzard congratulated Method for getting the world first kill. This seems like they are now taking a different stance on account sharing than they demonstrated a few weeks ago.

Should this be allowed?

Firstly, Method is clearly an exceptional guild and the players all worked very hard to achieve the kill. However, no matter how highly rated the guild is, everyone should be held to the same standard of behaviour. If famous pvpers are being banned for account sharing then famous raiders should not be allowed to escape without punishment. Blizzard should release a statement to clarify what they define as “account sharing” and what can happen if you are caught sharing your account with another player.








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