Who will be the first guild to down Mythic Blackhand?

It has been 9 days (from writing this) since Mythic mode was unlocked in Blackrock Foundry. So far only 2 guilds have got to 9/10 bosses down (Method and Paragon) with many more guilds on 8/10 with most still working on the boss “Blast Furnace”. With the recent raid tiers it has not taken so long for final bosses to be downed so people are expectantly waiting to hear who will claim the world first kill on live.

Most people expect Paragon will claim the first kill as they were the first to kill Grommash Hellscream (the previous expansions final raid boss), however, Method also has a lot of impressive world first kills under their belt so it really is going to test the guilds strategic thinking and ingenuity to come up with solutions to what the final boss will throw at them (and I’m not talking about exploits, to make that clear).

Both of the guilds mentioned above are EU guilds, but there are several US guilds very close behind such as Midwinter on 8/10, so it is still very much possible that the US can take home this world first.

Blizzard have definitely ramped up the difficulty for this raid tier, and most people do not expect a kill on the final boss until after the next reset and the guilds ilvls climb a bit higher.Maybe this is Blizzards response to people complaining that the previous raid (Highmaul) was too easy.

Update: Midwinter are now also on 9/10


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