Opinions on the removal of Deathfire Grasp

Is the removal of DFG good or bad? Lets look at the arguments both for and against it’s removal.

Some of the arguments that have been made against the removal of DFG

  • Removing DFG indirectly buffs bruisers who AP mages traditionally could not burst down anyway. By removing the only way to amplify your damage against tanky top lane heroes then you are buffing their ability to cause havoc during teamfights.
  • Removing DFG hurts Veigar the most, Veigar relies on this item as he is built around his burst combo. We don’t want to nerf Veigar do we?
  • It has been such a core item for so long that it should not be removed!
  • It further reduces the item choices that players have, this restricts build diversity and pigeonholes players even further into a “cookiecutter” build path.

Arguments for it’s removal

  • Balance! The removal of DFG allows Riot to balance the damage of mages a lot more finely than before. Previously, whenever Riot had to make changes to spell damage then there was always the spectre of DFG hanging over them, multiplying the damage dealt, forcing them to alter the numbers in a very skewed way. With the removal of DFG then maybe some mages will get some much needed buffs.
  • Removing DFG nerfs some of the most played AP mids. A lot of AP mids were taking DFG in their item builds but now they will have to take a different item. Heavy burst mages such as Leblanc and Fizz will be taken down a power level.
  • Buff to AD mids. Now, I’m not sure that Zed needed anymore buffs, but the removal of DFG may allow some more diversity in mid lane, maybe even some ADCs will be played mid now that they cannot be burst so easily.

Time will tell

Over the next few months then we will really see the impact that the removal of DFG has had upon LoL. I hope that the predictions above are correct and Riot can bring more balance from it’s removal.


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