Oregorger Roll Tracker

So a lot of people have been saying that the Oregorger roll phase is “tricky to coordinate”, however, I think this is incorrect, a better way to phrase this is that there are some people who always seem to be hit by this big guy when he starts rolling and this is what is causing problems. Now we cannot just replace people whenever they make a mistake, sometimes people find something hard but they will excel at something else. It just so happens that these people struggle to avoid a huge moving ball. If you are struggling with this phase then consider using this addon or sharing it with your guild members.

It works by constantly tracking where Oregorger is and displaying this information on a map on your screen. This allows you to see visually where you can run to be safe, and where is not safe.   letting you judge if a path is safe or not based on his location. You have to have several people in the guild (3+) for it to work effectively as it uses information it takes from the whole raid to judge where Oregorger is.

Take a closer look or download the addon >>> here <<<


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