(Just Cause 3) What do churches do?

While playing Just Cause 3 you have undoubtedly dicovered churches and wondered what they are for. The gmae does not explain much about them and it is easy to miss how to use them. Churches are similar to GTAs car spraying in that they can remove your wanted level. However, you must unlock them first by completing missions involving the priest of the specific church you wish to unlock.

How do churches work?

When you first encounter a church then you will not be able to use it, instead you must wait until you liberate the area and then complete an entirely random mission (or several) that involve priests. Once you help/rescue the priests they will move back into their churches and you will be able to use the church as a sanctuary. This will remove your wanted level and fast forward the game time several hours.

Thanks for reading

I hope this was useful. Being able to remove wanted level is really convenient and I saw that a lot of people were unsure of how to make use of the churches/monasteries.


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