How to Unlock Touch of Malice

Touch of Malice is an interesting Exotic Scout Rifle that has divided opinions. Some say it is very powerful while others point out that it deals damage to the user which is never a good thing. This post will not discuss such things but will instead explain how you can be the owner of the Touch of Malice!

Step 1 – Collect Calcified Fragments

The first step involves taking a calcified fragment to Eris. Once you do this then a quest will start asking you to bring her another 5 fragments. Do this to move onto the next step.

Step 2 – Kill Bracus 

The next step is a quest called “Hunger Pangs”. You need to kill Bracus. Bracus is a centurion found in the Salt Mines – Bunker WAR-4.

Step 3 – Raid and collect 3 exotic weapons

You have to kill The Warpriest for ‘Blade of Famine’, Deathsingers for ‘Shroud of Ir anuk’ and Oryx for ‘Ravenous Heart’. Once you have these items then return to Eris.

Step 4 – Collection time

Collect 25 Wormspore, 50 Hadium Flakes and 50 Weapon Parts.  After handing these in she will ask for a further 30 calcified fragments! Collect these and bring them to her.

Step 5 – Kill Morgath

Once you hand in the previous collection quests your next job is to kill the Taken Knight Morgath in Undying Mind Strike. Do this and return to Eris.

Step 6 – More fragments

Another 45 calcified fragments are required to continue the quest. Hand them in!

Step 7 – Kill Mar-Zik, the Blightcaller

Your next task is to kill Mar-Zik, the Blightcaller. He is a Taken wizard that can be found on Phobos (Fear’s Embrace Mission).

Step 7 – Accept your reward!

Upon turning in the previous quest Eric will reward you for your hard efforts and give you the Touch of Malice. Have fun playing with it!


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