Firewatch Endings

There is no doubt that Firewatch is  a very immersive and gripping game that has excellent dialogue and a beautiful environment. There is still speculation as to any alternative endings the game might have but so far there are 2 definite endings that you can get. Obviously, there are spoilers ahead regarding the endings. If you haven’t finished Firewatch then I recommend doing that first as it is worth it. The ending is slightly disappointing but it fits the theme of the entire game’s narrative which I interpreted to be about running away from problems but no doubt has a lot of other meanings too.

The normal ending

The normal ending occurs when you take the helicopter. Once this happens then the fireman will take your hand, pull you onto the chopper and the credits will roll. This is the ending that most people will have already seen and have mixed opinions about.

The alternative (small) ending

If you choose to not take the helicopter then it will fly away without you after two minutes of waiting. The credits will roll once it leaves and you are left to think about Henry and the fate he has chosen and what will happen to him. I think choosing this option also enforces the running away from problems theme throughout the game as Henry does not want to see his wife.

What did you think about the endings?

I am eager to talk about this game and the endings/storyline. Story-driven game  often have movie-like qualities to them which makes them very enjoyable and unique experiences. Comment below with your opinions on Firewatch.




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