Earn gold in Heroes of the Storm

“I get 30 gold for a win and 20 gold for a loss! At this rate I will get a new hero sometime next year.”. This is a commonly said thing regarding gold gain in Blizzards new game Heroes of the Storm. While it is true that gold gain is relatively slow, Blizzard have put some things in to speed it up considerably that a lot of people do not take into account. Lets look at some of the ways you can earn gold.

Do all the daily quests!

Every day you will get a different daily quest that involves playing a certain type of character such as an assassin or a character from a certain game such as a Starcraft hero. If you complete these daily quests then you get 200 to 300 gold (one of them actually grants 800). This is good but people feel forced into playing characters that they might not like so much. A solution to this is to wait for quests to build up. For example, you may get a daily quest to play as an assassin and the next day might be to play as a Starcraft character. Simply play Raynor and you can complete 2 qusts very quickly. If you are attentive to always doing your daily quests then you will gain 1500 to 2500 gold per week simply from this.

Level all the free characters to level 5

If you level up all the free characters to level 5 then you will earn yourself a total of 17000 gold (at the time of writing this). On top of this, you will be getting 20 or 30 per match and it will all start adding up very soon. As you have played all the heroes to level 5 then you know which ones you really enjoy playing and want to buy. Doing this will surely take your account past level 12, netting you another 4000 gold as a bonus.

Blizzard may make changes, but I wouldn’t count on it

Given that it currently takes longer to farm all the heroes in hots than in LoL then I think something is clearly a bit wrong with the pricing system and I would like to see Blizzard take steps to slightly reduce the amount of gold new heroes cost. Maybe some heroes being released cheaper than others would be a good step to take.

Another solution might be to allow heroes you have reached level 10 with a bonus to their gold generation per match(as you no longer benefit from the experience they earn). This would provide added incentive to play your favourite heroes some more.

The above are just a couple of ways Blizzard could help their customers feel like they are not constantly grinding to get heroes, however, there is one thing that I think people are missing.

You should enjoy the game!

If you are not enjoying the game then you should not be playing. Find several heroes you love to play and get them to level 10, when you don’t think about gold then it piles up faster than you might think!

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