Beastmen Legendary Campaign Tips and Tricks

Feeling stuck on the Beastmen campaign? I found it to be a decent campaign but in need of some help in places, especially the fact that Chaos seems unstoppable and conquers everything. It also feels like there are very few options when compared to other races. You need to get your specialist units and abuse them as fast as possible. Here are some tips to winning with the Beastmen on legendary difficulty.

Prioritize herd growth and tech

By focusing upon these then you can not only reduce your upkeep quickly but you can maintain a positive growth while doing so. You need to make sure that you are constantly raiding and sacking cities. This is the only way you will be able to continue growing.

The AI is terrible against hidden units on the campaign map

After raiding or sacking a city, go into a hidden stance and watch as the enemy AI cluelessly walks into another ambush battle or even better, repopulates the city you just sacked.

Vanguard Positioning

Once you start using Vanguard positioning then battles will become much easier. Place bowmen on the sides and sweep through enemy ranks. The AI is not great at handling sudden flanks and the beastmen starting archers are surprisingly good. Invest in a few units early on and use them aggressively. Do not approach the enemy head on unles you severely outnumber them. Especially early on, you cannot win frontal engagements with your relatively weaker infantry units (until you get Minotaurs).

Utilise your strongest units

Minotaurs with shields are one of the strongest units in the game and Gorebulls provide + 20 leadership to your army and should be included in every stack. A typical endgame stack should have at least 4 units of Minotaurs (and some people run stacks with nothing else, although I feel this ruins the immersion and satisfaction of having a well balanced army.

Cygors should also not be overlooked. They have a large range and can turn quickly. The biggest advantage, however, is that they are not susceptible to melee flankers who like to pick on weak artillerymen. Cygors are no slouches in close combat and need to be treated carefully by your enemy.

Bray Shamans not only have access to some very powerful spells (Devolve is still good even after the nerf) they can also summon Manticores. Manticores are exceptionally strong and getting a free Manticore every battle is a huge deal. You will not keep it after the battle so you can use it to soak damage and distract artillery form other more valuable units (such as your Cygors).

How to deal with Sieges

Position your army on one side and use at least 2 Cygors to take down the 2 closet towers. Then move your archers to rain death down upon anything on the wall. If you can summon a Manticore then you can use it to scout and spot targets for your spells. Once everything is softened up then you should have an easy time walking in and taking the city. Sieges are one of the easiest elements of Warhammer: Total War and I hope the AI is improved. It is too easy to take cities even against forces that outnumber yours.

Have any other tips?

If you have anything you think other people should know then comment below. Beastmen are a very fun army to play and I am looking forward to seeing what other armies are going to be released!


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